Psychology Thesis Title 1.Motivasi young adult women to have sex without status (One night stand sex) 2.Penyesuaian marriage married couples through the process sebambangan: A case study of couples who eloped to the community Lampung 3.Burnout on Nurses and Nursing Government Hospital Private Hospital 4.Atribusi employees on performance appraisal results 5.Analisis differences in the relationship with organizational identification on employees' organizational commitment PT POR in units A and unitkerja X 6.Hubungan attitudes towards sharia-based organizational change with the religious orientation of employees on Hotel X 7.Hubungan between patterns of attachment with parents in childhood and patterns of attachment with a spouse in young adults 8.Gambaran psychological well-being male civil servants who retire in middle adulthood (Study case of four men retired civil servants) 9.Persepsi inconvenience environment in urban life (A descriptive study on urban population Bogor) 10.Kecemasan of death in adolescents with HIV / AIDS

1.Pengaruh attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control on intention to use

Transjakarta to go to work
2.Gambaran maternal adjustment and development of children's ability tunaganda-blind
3.Efektifitas learning module to read a map to the successful search for a location in children age 5

4.Gambaran MBTI personality preferences on the user's credit card
5.Gambaran concept of dating and courtship behavior in early adolescent
6.Analisis interaction employee motivation and leadership of a boss who is perceived employee in PT.

Pertamina (Persero) through its Herzberg model approach and Bass
7.Ketidakpuasan of body image in gay singles (A case study of Indonesia and Spain)
8.Hubungan between involvement in extracurricular activities and parental involvement with quality

school life at high school students
9.Kebahagiaan first wife in polygamous marriages
10.Gambaran decision admitted cheating on a husband who loves his wife

1.Perbedaan emotional intelligence among adolescents who join the program with teens homeschooling

which followed the regular formal school
2.Pengaruh job satisfaction, job involvement, job stress, and organizational commitment to preparedness

to change the employees of PT. Bank Y.
3.Pengaruh job satisfaction on intention to take early retirement at the level of manager (Studies in Banks

4.Gambaran interpersonal dependency in people with major depressive disorder
5.Pengaruh stereotypes and conformity to the behavior of smokers to smoke in junior high school students
6.Hubungan power distance cultural values ​​(power distance) with a force resolution of conflicts on interest

Batak (SOE employees Case studies on Z-North Sumatra Medan Branch) Jon

7.Hubungan insecurity with outsourcing employee job satisfaction in PT X
8.Attachment styles in young adult gay
9.View resilience in women who break up after premarital sex
10.View role of teacher and child development-blind tunaganda